Carter & Sloope’s Mission

Carter & Sloope, Inc. is a team of highly motivated individuals dedicated to providing progressive consulting engineering and management services. We emphasize flexibility and innovation, recognizing the many aspects of our clients’ needs and problems, and devising balanced, creative solutions.

At Carter & Sloope, we endeavor to form a partnership with our clients, helping them reach their goals by delivering results of superior quality. It is Carter & Sloope’s goal to earn a reasonable profit from every project, sufficient to support continuous growth of the firm. We are fair, honest, courteous and professional. We strive to ensure our clients’ complete satisfaction.

Through its organization and working environment, Carter & Sloope, Inc. challenges and fully develops the finest individuals, and we recognize the importance of each individual to the firm’s success. Carter & Sloope, Inc. employees are known for their competence, commitment and character. An open door policy is maintained at all levels, encouraging spirited collaboration and communication from all employees.

Carter & Sloope, Inc. perpetually drives forward as a team, expanding our capabilities and market share. Our flexible, innovative approach stimulates the pursuit of new challenges and markets, allowing Carter & Sloope, Inc. to maintain a position of leadership. The firm fully supports its personnel in the mission to provide personal service, flexibility, and innovative solutions. As we grow, we present our staff with opportunities for individual growth in return.

Carter & Sloope, Inc. signifies excellence in capabilities, service and results attained.